Chef Adam Brooks

Sails Tuna Rare with Yellow SauceAdam's love for food began at an early age- he has now been cheffing for over twelve years!

Adam took the plunge and began his own catering business 'Adam Brooks Catering' back in February 2009. Just one year later Adam opened Sails restaurant and continues to successfully run the two businesses in tandem.

Coming from a shark fishing family Adam shares a fondness for the local catch and he is certainly very handy with a filleting knife!

In his spare time Adam likes to pursue his second love, MUSIC and he is often seen mixing tunes at various local venues around Robe.

Enjoy Chef Adam Brook’s seasonally inspired food in a modern relaxed setting.

Adam’s seasonal FOOD inspiration...

Spring/Summer: Autumn/Winter:
Southern Rock Lobster
(crayfish as we affectionately know them)
Snapper Shark (flake)
Boar Fish Beetroot
Peaches Figs
Basil Quinces
Scallops Cauliflower
Mangoes Rosemary